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Muzej Ivana Mestrovica

ART DÉCO. The Roaring Twenties in Italy.

February 11 – June 18, 2017

San Domenico Museum, Forlì, Italija

Sculptures by Ivan Meštrović are on show at the exhibition ART DÉCO. The Roaring Twenties in Italy in Forlì, San Domenico Museum (11 February – 18 June, 2017). The exhibition is dedicated to the international style of Art Déco, focusing on the 3rd decade of the 20th century, which influenced all aspects of art, from architecture, visual arts, motion picture, theatre, literature, fashion and music. Such a comprehensive cultural exhibition, including masterpieces of the period, from sculpture and painting to applied design, is organized and presented in Italy for the first time, including the works of Croatian sculptor Ivan Meštrović and his masterpieces Vestal Virgin (1917), Girl with Violin (1922) and Contemplation (1924).


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