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Muzej Ivana Mestrovica


Author of the exhibition
Lana Majdančić

Tončika Cukrov

Exhibition set-up
Lana Majdančić i Tončika Cukrov

Photography by
Tanja Budimir Bekan

Graphic design
Motiv dizajn Zagreb


Posters – Witnesses of Meštrović’s Time

November 13 – November 29, 2014

Photo Club Split

With this exhibition, the Ivan Meštrović Museums and Fotoklub Split, under the auspices of the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Croatia and the City of Split, present the best achievements of designers and photographers who have informed the public about the art of Ivan Meštrović and the events that promoted it to the audience in Split.

The popularization of the posters began just over a hundred years ago, but the need for transmitting a short and clear message to the public has existed since antiquity when such notices were written on wooden boards or walls. The role of targeted and concise promotional messages is taken over by these pieces of paper whose basic task is to display a product or announce an event using essential information reduced to stylized and reduced elements with impressive colour effects. Museum posters inform the public about an event at the museum, most of the time aboout exhibitions, and depending on content they are adapted to the need to promote a specific cultural matter.

Museum posters develop awareness of artistic, historical, aesthetic, social and technical elements of artistic events. They are especially superior in the quality of their artwork. The exhibition about posters, which will have its own poster, shows the valuable accomplishments of great designers and photographers focused on the art of Ivan Meštrović, and points out to another role of the posters – the role of witnesses of time.

Among the designers who displayed the works of Meštrović on their posters and shaped the visual identities of both individual exhibitions and institutions themselves, the ones that need emphasizing are certainly Ivan Picelj and Boris Ljubičić for Atelier Meštrović, and Žana Siminiati, Gorki Žuvela and Viktor Popović for the Meštrović Gallery. The exhibition also includes authors Jure Amižić, Libor Fára, Mitja Koman and Slavoljub Lacković.

This exhibition certainly opens the question of new needs that arise in communication with the audience and the new requirements put before the poster as a medium by the media culture.

Graphic design of catalogues, posters and invitations is signed by the studio Motiv dizajn. The texts were written by the authors of the exhibition, Lana Majdančić and Tončika Cukrov.


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